The AVS New Mexico Chapter Announces the 2024

The New Mexico Chapter of the AVS Science and Technology Society seeks applicants for the William M. Olson / Warren E. Taylor and Daniel D. Koleske Scholarships. These scholarships are available for students entering their first year of college in Fall 2023, with an intention to major in the physical sciences or engineering.

AMOUNT: $3000 for one academic year at the college of your choice.
WHO MAY APPLY: Any student who is graduating or is expecting to graduate from a high school in 2024 in the New Mexico Chapter area (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, and the portion of Texas in the mountain time zone).
REQUIREMENTS: The student must have completed (upon graduation) one additional science course beyond that required for graduation, and be planning to major in a physical science or engineering field in college.
APPLICATION: We have migrated to a web-based application form that can be found here:
(online scholarship application)
Supporting documents can be either submitted through the web-based application or mailed directly to the address below.
If applicants do not have reliable access to the internet, the application form (HERE) can be completed, printed and submitted in hardcopy, along with the following:
1. An official copy of grades received and SAT and/or ACT scores (scores included on transcripts are acceptable).
2. Letters of endorsement from two high school teachers, including one from a science teacher.
3. A statement (one page) describing the immediate goals of the applicant in college, as well as his/her long range goals.
4. (Optional) A statement describing special circumstances. Scholarships are awarded based on performance and achievement, however if the applicant feels there are special circumstances of which the selection committee should be aware, a separate statement may be included.
Before applying, please email Craig Nakakura at or fill out the online intent form so the scholarship committee knows to expect your application.
DEADLINE: Completed applications must be postmarked by April 15, 2024 for full consideration (Overnight delivery is NOT necessary).
WINNERS: Winners will be contacted as soon as they are selected. Prior to receiving the scholarship, a valid social security number (SSN) must be provided, per Federal requirements. Please do not put your SSN on this application. After the scholarships are awarded, all submitted material will be destroyed.
Send submissions and direct any questions to:

Craig Nakakura
AVS Scholarships and Awards Committee
Sandia National Laboratories
PO Box 5800, MS-1248
Albuquerque, NM 87185-1248

See previous scholarship winners here.