2024 Symposium Schedule and Program

NMAVS Symposium Schedule of Events
Bernalillo Meeting Room

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

    9:55       Upload of Morning Presentations

  10:10       Sean Smith, Welcome

                  Session 1

  10:15       Manny de Jesus Lopez, Sandia National Laboratories/University of Florida, Clean Semiconductor-Graphene Material Stacks for Remote Epitaxial Growth

  10:35       Di Zhang, Los Alamos National Laboratory, High-throughput combinatorial approach expedites the synthesis of a lead-free relaxor ferroelectric system

  10:55       Kyle Dorman, Sandia National Laboratories, High-throughput characterization and combinatorial synthesis of Cu-Ag and Ni-Pt thin films fabricated by confocal magnetron sputter deposition

  11:15       Jessica McDow, Sandia National Laboratories, Performance of Copper Filled Through Glass Vias for RF Applications

  11:35       Poster Previews

  12:00       Lunch in Anasazi Ballroom

                  Vendor Show in Anasazi Ballroom

                  Poster Session in Anasazi Ballroom

  1. Colin Tyznik, Sandia National Laboratories, Solar-Blind Quantum Well UV HEMTs
  2. Robert Reyna, Sandia National Laboratories, Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Lithographic Optical Baffles
  3. Andrew Leeth Holterhoff, Sandia National Laboratories, Fabrication of high aspect ratio metallic pillar arrays
  4. Christian Harris, Sandia National Laboratories, Exploring Experimental Conditions for Analyzing Heterogeneous PbSn Solder Material By Using Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA)
  5. Sean Allen, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Phases of Aluminum and Terbium Nitrides Due to Change in Growth Conditions

Session 2

    1:00       Amelia Peterson, Sandia National Laboratories, Improvement of Pd-GaN Schottky Barrier Diode Interface Quality through UV/O3 Passivation Treatment

    1:20       Michael McGarry, Sandia National Laboratories, Fowler-Nordheim tunneling in Mo-SiNX granular metals

    1:40       Alexandria Will-Cole, Sandia National Laboratories, Probing Interfacial Magnetization Dynamics in Spintronic Relevant Heterostructures

    2:25       Announcement of Awards

    2:40       Adjourn