2015 NMJAS Paper Competition Winners

2015 State NMJAS Paper Competition Winners

Senior Division:

  • 1st Place ‐ Abdullah Shaw, Salam Academy, “Systemic Effects of Conventional Mouth Rinse Vs Natural Mouth Rinse”
  • 2nd Place ‐ Elise Anne Koskel, Los Alamos High School, “ Biomimetic Skyscrapers Inspired by Dendroseismology”

Junior Division

  • 1st Place ‐ Lillian Petersen, Los Alamos Middle School “Will it be a good ski season? Correlation between El Nino and snowfall”
  • 2nd Place ‐ Rusty Ludwigsen, Stockham Home School “Passive Reduction of Involuntary Arm/Hand Tremors: Phase II”