Analysis of Mass Spectrometer (RGA) Spectra


8:30am-4:30pm, Monday, May 18, 2015, Marriott Uptown, Albuquerque, NM

Course Objectives

Learn how to interpret mass spectrometer spectra

Course Description

This course provides the basics needed to analyze mass spectrometer (RGA) data. It begins at a very elementary level, first describing the atom, proceeds to atomic electronic structure, then to molecular bonding. The operation of a mass spectrometer is next described, especially phenomena that occur in the mass spectrometer ion source. All this information is used in the discussion of mass spectrometer spectral interpretation. Typical mass spectrometer spectra are shown and analysis of the spectra is demonstrated. Relevant references, tables and graphs are presented.

Who Should Attend?

Scientists, engineers and technicians who use or plan to use mass spectrometers in research and support of high vacuum processes.

Instructor: Gerardo Brucker, MKS Instruments

Gerardo A. Brucker, is the CTO for Pressure Measurement and Process Solutions, Granville-Phillips Division, MKS Instruments, Inc.

Course Materials

Course Notes and “Partial Pressure Analyzers and Analysis” from the AVS monograph series

Cost: $575.00

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