Atomic Layer Deposition: Basic Principles, Characterizations, and Applications


8:30am-4:30pm, Monday, June 3, 2019, Sheraton Albuquerque Airport Hotel, Albuquerque, NM

Course Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of ALD including basic surface science concepts and surface chemistry
  • Understand why ALD processes are dependent precursor properties and reactivity
  • Understand the theory and design of various ALD reactors
  • Learn how ALD processes and thin films are characterized in-situ and ex-situ
  • Understand the potential applications of ALD and future trends in ALD research

Course Description

This course will develop a basic understanding of the atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique and apply that to the detailed understanding of the ALD chemistry of oxides, nitrides, sulfides and metals. Precursor requirements and various ALD reactor configurations will be reviewed. The details involved in efficient ALD flow tube reactor design will also be covered.

Measuring ALD growth rates, monitoring ALD chemistry and analyzing thin film properties are necessary to characterize ALD thin films. In-situ and ex-situ methods for analyzing ALD grown films will be covered. This includes spectroscopic ellipsometry, quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), X-ray diffraction and reflectivity, Auger spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Examples of each technique will be presented and discussed.

ALD is finding applications in many diverse areas of technology. This class will survey the potential uses of ALD in gate dielectric formation in microelectronics, composite structures for X-ray optics, coatings for MEMS devices, and diffusion barriers for corrosion resistance in polymer electronics. Potential avenues of future ALD research will be mentioned.

Who Should Attend?

Technicians, engineers and scientists who either have an interest or need to learn about the basic principles of ALD or a desire to keep up to date or broaden their knowledge of this rapidly expanding technique of thin film deposition.

Instructor:  Robert K. Grubbs

Dr. Robert K. Grubbs received his B.S. degree in chemistry at Clarkson University in 1990 and his M.S. degree in physical chemistry from University of California, Berkeley. He pursued his Ph.D. in physical chemistry under the direction of Dr. Steve George, at the University of Colorado in Boulder,  in the area of atomic layer deposition (ALD). His research involved the nucleation and growth of ALD metal films. After graduating in 2003, he became a postdoctoral researcher at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico studying the pressure induced phase behavior of complex perovskite materials. During his subsequent ten year tenure at Sandia he was responsible for the installation and management of the ALD facilities and directed ALD materials research for various energy and national security applications. He is presently working a research scientist at  Micron Technology applying ALD  to memory development. He has been involved in ALD research for the last fifteen years and has taught this ALD short course for the New Mexico Chapter of AVS for the last eight years.

Course Materials

Course Notes & a reprint of the chapter “ Atomic Layer Deposition ” from Handbook of Thin Film Materials, Academic Press

Cost:  $690.00

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